About Us

Dark Angel Co. is a clothing brand that aims to raise awareness and stop the stigma surrounding mental illness. With our name, “Dark Angel,” we embrace the brightness of Angels - the light of hope inside each one of us - in the darkness of this difficult struggle.

Mental health and mental illness has historically been a very dark topic, those suffering were made to feel alone in their journey and openly speaking about our mental health had a stigma attached. We aim to shed a bright light of awareness of this disease throughout the world, and to help stop the stigma, as well as to remember those that lost their battle with mental illness.

Through abstract art, we want to represent all facets of mental health. The art and creativity of the messages are, in no way, meant to minimize the enormity of this burden. Rather we take an enlightened view of what this disease means to the victims and all who are impacted by them. Here at Dark Angel Co., we believe in "wearing our hearts on our sleeve." By portraying mental illnesses through the lens of abstract our goal is to provide a meaningful visualization, but also to provide hope for those struggling.

Mental health and mental illness should no longer be a stigmatized disease of loneliness and isolation. Our clothing is a way for everyone to connect and come together and show the world that no one is truly alone. Although each individual's journey and experience is different, we are all in this together.

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About the Founder

My name is Nicholas Seminario, and I am the creator and founder of Dark Angel Company. As someone who has struggled with mental illness throughout my life, in the form of both anxiety and depression, this topic is something that I hold very close to my heart. My goal in starting this company is to help end the stigma, to bring people together as a family and to be able to connect with others who are struggling and/or have struggled with mental health. I want this brand to be a beacon of hope, and a worldwide community for people to see that they are not alone in their journey.

About The Artist

All of our abstract art designs are hand drawn and digitized by Noelle Boucetta. Noelle is 19 years old, from Long Island, New York and has had a passion for art ever since she was a child. Prior to creating our designs, Noelle has used her artistic skills to create paintings for family and friends.

If you would like to commission Noelle for a custom piece of art for yourself or your brand, contact her directly through her Instagram by scanning the QR code or by visiting the link below.